Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide



All 1976-78 Chevettes use a Rochester 1ME carburetor. The unit incorporates an automatic choke with an electronically heated choke coil. The choke coil is heated in a housing which is mounted on a bracket connected to the fuel bowl.

The internal fuel filter is made of pleated paper and is located in the fuel bowl behind the fuel inlet nut. The throttle body of the 1ME is made of aluminum for better heat dispersement.

The carburetor identification number is stamped on the float bowl, right next to the fuel inlet nut. When replacing the fuel bowl, be sure to transfer the identification number to the new float bowl.

The 1979-88 Chevettes are equipped with a 2-bbl Holley carburetor. This provides a slight increase in horsepower and at the same time, improves the fuel economy.