Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide

Starter Drive



Gasoline Engine

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Fig. Fig. 1Cross-sectional view of the starter motor on a gasoline engine

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Fig. Fig. 2Use pliers to force the snapring into the retainer

  1. Disconnect the field coil connector(s) from the starter solenoid terminal and remove the starter through-bolts.
  3. Remove the commutator end frame, field frame assembly, and the armature from the drive housing.
  5. Remove the starter drive by sliding the two-piece thrust collar off the armature shaft. Install a 1 / 2 " pipe coupling or other suitable cylinder onto the shaft to butt against the edge of the retainer. Using a hammer, tap the coupling to force the retainer toward the armature end of the snapring.
  7. Use pliers to remove the snapring from the groove in the shaft. If the snapring becomes distorted, use a new one upon assembly. Remove the retainer and starter drive from the armature.

Inspect all parts, replacing where necessary. Do not use grease dissolving solvent when cleaning starter parts, the drive mechanism and internal electrical insulation will be damaged.

To install:

  1. Apply silicone lubricant to the drive end of the armature and slide the drive assembly onto the armature with the pinion outward. Install the retainer on the armature with its cupped surface facing away from the pinion.
  3. Install the snapring on the shaft by standing the armature on a wood surface (commutator end down), placing the snapring on the end of the shaft held in position with a wood block, and tapping the wood block with a hammer. Slide the snapring into its groove on the shaft. Place the thrust collar on the shaft with its shoulder against the snapring.
  5. With the armature on a flat surface, place the retainer and thrust collar next to the snapring. Using pliers on both sides of the shaft at the same time, grip the retainer and thrust collar and squeeze until the snapring is forced into the retainer.
  7. Apply silicone lubricant to the drive housing bushing. With the thrust collar in place against the snapring and retainer, slide the armature and starter drive assembly into the drive housing. Engage the solenoid shift lever with the drive assembly.
  9. Place the field frame over the armature and apply sealing compound between the frame and solenoid case. Using care to avoid damage to the brushes, position the field frame against the drive housing.
  11. Use silicone lubricant to lubricate the commutator end frame bushing. Install the leather washer onto the armature shaft and slide the commutator end frame onto the armature shaft.
  13. Install the through-bolts and reconnect the field coil connector(s) to the starter solenoid terminal.