Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide

Axle Shaft, Bearing, and Seal



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Fig. Fig. 1Cross-sectional view of the differential

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Fig. Fig. 2Unfasten the remaining bolts, then remove the cover from the axle

  1. Raise the car. Remove the wheel and tire assembly and the brake drum.

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Fig. Fig. 3Remove the lockscrew using a metric allen wrench. It may be necessary to shorten the wrench for access

  1. Clean the area around the differential carrier cover.
  3. Remove the differential carrier cover to drain the rear axle lubricant.
  5. Use a metric allen wrench to unscrew the differential pinion shaft. It may be necessary to shorten the allen wrench to do this.
  7. Push the flanged end of the axle shaft toward the center of the car and remove the C-lock from the bottom end of the shaft.
  9. Remove the axle shaft from the housing making sure not to damage the oil seal.
  11. If replacing the seal only, remove the oil seal by using the button end of the axle shaft. Insert the button end of the shaft behind the steel case of the oil seal and carefully pry the seal out of the bore.
  13. To remove the bearings, insert a bearing and seal remover into the bore so the the tool head grasps behind the bearing. Slide the washer against the seal or bearing and turn the nut against the washer. Attach a slide hammer and remove the bearing.
  15. Lubricate a new bearing with hypoid lubricant and install it into the housing with a bearing installer tool. Make sure that the tool contacts the end of the axle tube to make sure that the bearing is at the proper depth.
  17. Lubricate the cavity between the seal lips with a high melting point wheel bearing grease. Place a new oil seal on the seal installation tool and position the seal in the axle housing bore. Tap the seal into the bore flush with the end of the housing.
  19. To install the axle shaft, slide the axle shaft into place making sure that the splines on the end of the shaft do not damage the oil seal and that they engage the splines of the differential side gear. Install the C-lock on the button end of the axle shaft and push the shaft outward so that the shaft lock seats in the counterbore of the differential side gear.
  21. Position the differential pinion shaft through the case and pinions, aligning the hole in the shaft with the lockscrew hole. Install the lockscrew.
  23. Clean the gasket mounting surfaces on the differential carrier and carrier cover. Install the carrier cover using a new gasket and tighten the cover bolts in a crosswise pattern to 22 ft. lbs.
  25. Fill the rear axle with lubricant to the bottom of the filler hole.
  27. Install the brake drum and the wheel and tire assembly.
  29. Lower the car.