Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide

Ignition Key Buzzer Switch



  1. Remove the steering wheel and turn signal switch as previously described.
  3. Make a right angle bend in a short piece of small wire about 1 / 4 " from one end. The wire should be inserted in the exposed loop of the wedge spring, then a straight pull on the wire will remove both the spring and the switch.

Do not attempt to remove the switch separately as the clip may fall into the column. If this happens, the clip must be found before assembly.

To install:

The lock cylinder must be in the RUN position if it is in the housing. Also, if the lock cylinder is in place, the buzzer switch actuating button on the lock cylinder must be depressed before the buzzer switch can be installed.

  1. Install the buzzer switch with the contacts toward the upper end of the steering column and with the formed end of the spring clip around the lower end of the switch. Push the switch and spring assembly into the hole with the internal switch contacts toward the lock cylinder bore.
  3. Install the turn signal switch and the steering wheel as previously described.