Chevrolet Chevette/1000 1976-1988 Repair Guide

Lock Cylinder



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Fig. Fig. 1Lock cylinder removal and installation-1979-88 vehicles

The lock cylinder is located on the right side of the steering column and should be removed only in the Run position. Removal in any other position will damage the key buzzer switch. The lock cylinder cannot be disassembled; if replacement is required, a new cylinder coded to the old key must be installed.

  1. Remove the steering wheel and turn signal switch as previously described
  3. Do not remove the buzzer switch or damage to the lock cylinder will result.
  5. On models through 1978, insert a small screwdriver or similar tool into the turn signal housing slot to the upper right of the steering shaft. Keep the tool to the upper right of the steering shaft. Keep the tool to the right side of the slot and depress the retainer at the bottom to release the lock cylinder. Remove the lock cylinder.

On 1979-88 models, place the lock cylinder in the RUN position. Remove the securing screw and remove the cylinder.

To install:

  1. Hold the cylinder sleeve in the left-hand and rotate knob (key in) clockwise to stop. (This retracts the actuator). Insert the cylinder into the housing bore with the key on the cylinder sleeve aligned with the keyway in the housing. Push the cylinder in until it bottoms. On models through 1978, rotate the knob counterclockwise while maintaining a light pressure inward until the drive section of the cylinder mates with the sector. Push the cylinder in fully until the retainer pops into the housing groove. On 1979-88 models, install the retaining screw.
  3. Install the turn signal switch and the steering wheel as previously described.