Chevrolet Citation/Omega/Phoenix/Skylark 1980-1985 Repair Guide

Valve Adjustment


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Fig. Fig. 1 For V6 valve adjustment, tighten the rocker arm nut until the pushrod can't be rotated between your fingers

No valve lash adjustment is required on the four cylinder engine. Tighten the rocker arm nuts to 20 ft. lbs., as outlined in the rocker arm removal and installation procedure given previously.

Anytime the V6 valve train is disturbed, the valve lash must be adjusted, as follows:

Crank the engine until the timing mark aligns with the "0" mark on the timing scale, and both valves in the No. 1 cylinder are closed. If the valves are moving as the timing marks align, the engine is in the No. 4 firing position. Turn the crankshaft one more revolution. With the engine in the No. 1 firing position, adjust the following valves:


Rotate the crankshaft one full revolution, until it is in the No. 4 firing position. Adjust the following valves:


Adjustment is made by backing off the rocker arm adjusting nut until there is play in the pushrod. Tighten the nut to remove the pushrod clearance (this can be determined by rotating the pushrod with your fingers while tightening the adjusting nut). When the pushrod cannot be freely turned, tighten the nut 1 1 / 2 additional turns to place the hydraulic lifter in the center of its travel. No further adjustment is required.