Chevrolet Citation/Omega/Phoenix/Skylark 1980-1985 Repair Guide

Speedometer Cable



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Fig. Fig. 1 The speedometer cable connects to the back of the instrument cluster assembly

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Fig. Fig. 2 Disengaging the speedometer cable from the speedometer

  1. Remove the instrument cluster.
  3. Slide the cable out from the casing. If the cable is broken, the casing will have to be unscrewed from the transaxle and the broken piece removed from that end.
  5. Before installing a new cable, slip a piece of cable into the speedometer and spin it between your fingers in the direction of normal rotation. If the mechanism sticks or binds, the speedometer should be repaired or replaced.
  7. Inspect the casing; if it is cracked, kinked, or broken, the casing should be replaced.
  9. Slide a new cable into the casing, engaging the transaxle end securely. Sometimes it is easier to unscrew the casing at the transaxle end, install the cable into the transaxle fitting, and screw the casing back into place. Install the instrument cluster.