Chevrolet Full-size Cars 1968-1978 Repair Guide

Timing Chain



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Fig. Fig. 1 Timing gear sprocket alignment-all V8 engines

V8 Engines
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to the Timing Cover Removal and Installation procedures in this information and remove the water pump and the timing cover.
  3. Turn the crankshaft until the mark on the camshaft sprocket aligns with the mark on the crankshaft sprocket.
  5. Remove the camshaft sprocket bolts, the camshaft sprocket, the timing chain and the crankshaft sprocket, if necessary.

When installing the timing chain, install the sprockets with the timing marks facing each other; this position is TDC of the No. 6 cyl. (V8). To locate the TDC of the No. 1 cyl., turn the crankshaft one full revolution, the camshaft timing mark will now be at the top of the sprocket.

  1. To install, use new gaskets, sealant and reverse the removal procedures. Torque the camshaft sprocket bolts to 13-23 ft. lbs. Check and/or adjust the engine timing.