Chevrolet Full-size Cars 1968-1978 Repair Guide

Rear Door Panels



  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the door handles and the locking knob from the inside of the doors. If equipped with a switch cover plate in the door armrest, remove the cover plate screws, then disconnect the switch from the electrical harness.

If equipped with door pull handles, remove the screws through the handle into the door inner panel.

  1. If equipped with an integral armrest, remove the screws inserted through the pull cup into the armrest hanger support. If equipped with an armrest applied after the door trim installation, remove the armrest-to-inner panel screws.
  3. If equipped with two-piece trim panels, disengage the retainer clips from the front and the rear of the upper trim panel, using tool No. BT-7323A, then lift the upper door trim and slide it slightly rearward to disengage it from the door inner panel at the beltline.
  5. Along the upper edge of the lower trim panel, remove the mounting screws. At the lower edge of the panel, insert tool No. BT-7323A between the inner panel and the trim panel, the disengage the retaining clips from around the outer perimeter. To remove the lower panel, push the panel down and outward to disengage it from the door.

If equipped with courtesy lights, disconnect the wiring harness.

  1. If equipped with an insulator pad glued to the door inner panel, remove the pad (with a putty knife) by separating it from the inner panel.
  3. To install, reverse the service removal procedures.