Chevrolet Nova/ChevyII 1962-1979



All Chevy II and Nova models built until 1977 have a leaf spring rear suspension. Some light-duty models, and all Chevy II models up to 1967, have single-leaf rear springs. Other models use the more conventional multiple leaf springs.

All leaf spring equipped models, starting in 1968, use staggered shock absorbers to prevent axle hop on hard acceleration. The right shock absorber is mounted forward of the axle and the left shock absorber is mounted behind the axle.

Some 1977 and later Novas are equipped with a coil spring rear suspension for improved ride. The axle is located by means of four rubber bushed control arms-two upper and two lower. The lower arms control primarily for and aft movement of the axle, while the primary duty of the upper control arms is to absorb braking and accelerating torque and, due to their angular mounting, sideways motion of the axle. With coil spring rear suspension, both shock absorbers are mounted in front of the axle.