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Chevrolet Nova/ChevyII 1962-1979



All Chevy II and Nova models are fitted with a steering gear of the recirculating ball nut type. The ball nut, mounted on the worm gear, is driven by means of steel balls which circulate in helical grooves in both the worm and nut. Ball return guides attached to the nut serve to recirculate the two sets of balls in the grooves. As the steering wheel is turned to the right, the ball nut moves upward. When the wheel is turned to the left, the ball nut moves downward.

The sector teeth on the pinion shaft and the ball nut are designed so that they fit the tightest when the steering wheel is straight ahead. This mesh action is adjusted by an adjusting screw which moves the pinion shaft endwise until the teeth mesh properly. The worm bearing adjuster provides proper preloading of the upper and lower bearings.

Two types of power assist have been offered as optional equipment. A linkage-assist type, used on 1962-67 Chevy II models, has a pump which delivers an assist to a power cylinder attached to the steering linkage. Later models are equipped with an integral type of power steering gear. This type has a pump which delivers hydraulic pressure through two hoses to the steering gear itself.