Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town and Country 1996-1999

Bleeding the ABS System


The bleeding procedure is a 2-step process, one of which will require use of the DRB scan tool or its equivalent. Bleed the system as follows:

  1. Locate the diagnostic connector under the dash panel to the left of the steering column cover.
  3. Connect the DRB scan tool to the connector. Install the correct cartridge for the Anti-Lock Brake systems. Check to make sure the CAB (Controller Anti-lock Brakes) does not have any fault codes stored in it. If it does, remove them using the DRB scan tool.

Be sure to always wear safety glasses when bleeding the brake system. This will prevent personal injury to your eyes in case fluid squirts out at high pressure.

  1. Bleed the base brake system using the non-ABS manual bleeding method as outlined earlier in this section. Be sure to bleed the brake system in the correct sequence.
  3. Utilizing the scan tool, go to the Bleed ABS routine. Firmly apply the brake pedal to initiate the Bleed ABS cycle one time. Release the brake pedal.
  5. Using the scan tool, go on to bleed the Anti-Lock Brake System according to the scan tool literature.
  7. Once bleeding with the scan tool is complete, repeat the conventional bleed procedure for the base brake system.
  9. Perform this procedure until the brake fluid flows clear and free of air bubbles. Check brake fluid level periodically to prevent the reservoir from running low on fluid. Top off the master cylinder reservoir to the proper level with DOT 3 type brake fluid only.
  11. Road test the vehicle to check for proper brake system operation.

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Fig. Fig. 1: