Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

System Description


The Bendix System 4 Anti-lock Brake system was introduced on 1994-95 models.

The purpose of the anti-lock brake system is to prevent wheel lock-up under heavy braking conditions on virtually any type of road surface. Anti-lock braking is desirable because a vehicle which is stopped without locking its wheels will retain directional stability and some steering capability. This allows a driver to retain greater control of the vehicle during heavy braking.

Under normal braking conditions, the Bendix Anti-lock 4 Brake System functions the same as a standard non-Anti-lock brake system.

When a wheel locking tendency is detected during a brake application, the vehicle brake system will enter the Anti-lock mode. During Anti-lock Braking, hydraulic pressure in the four wheel circuits is modulated to prevent wheels from locking. Each wheel circuit is designed with a set of electrical valves and hydraulic line to provide modulation, although for vehicle stability, both rear wheel valves receive the same electrical signal. The system can modulate pressure at each wheel, depending on signals generated by the wheel speed sensors (WSS) and received at the CAB.

The Bendix Anti-lock 4 Brake System, uses the following standard brake system components. Master cylinder, power booster, brake caliper assemblies, braking discs, pedal assembly, brake lines and hoses. The unique parts of the Bendix Anti-lock 4 Brake System consists of the following components, modulator assembly, unique proportioning valves, unique junction block, wheel speed sensors, tone wheels, and electronic control unit.

The hydraulic system, on the Bendix Anti-lock 4 brake system is diagonally split. Diagonally split hydraulic brake systems, have the left front and right rear brakes on one hydraulic system and the right front and left rear on the other. A diagonally split hydraulic brake system, will maintain half of the vehicles braking capability if there is a failure in either half of the hydraulic system.

The Bendix Anti-lock 4 Brake System uses two types of brake line fittings and tubing flares on the modulator assembly. The different types are the ISO style and double inverted style with their corresponding fittings at different joint locations. When servicing a vehicle equipped with Bendix Anti-lock 4 Brake System, be sure correct tube fitting and tube flare is always used in the correct location. Be sure that fittings and flares are never mismatched.