Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995



Periodic brake adjustment is not necessary as the front calipers are inherently self-adjusting, and the rear brakes are equipped with self-adjusters. In the event of a brake reline or component service requiring brake shoe removal, initial manual adjustment of the rear brake shoes will speed up servicing time. Front brake pads adjust themselves as the brake pedal is applied. After installing new front brake pads pump the brake pedal several times until a firm feeling is obtained. The pads will be incorrect adjustment.


  1. To make an initial rear brake shoe adjustment, raise and support the rear of the vehicle on jackstands, so that both wheels are off the ground and can turn freely.
  3. Remove the adjusting hole cover at the back of the brake mounting plates.
  5. Be sure the parking brake is fully released and that there is slack in the brake cables.
  7. Insert a brake adjusting tool through the hole in the backing plate until the adjuster star wheel is engaged. move the adjusting tool upward to turn the star wheel. Continue until a slight drag is felt when the wheel is rotated.
  9. Insert a thin screwdriver or piece of stiff rod through the backing plate slot and push the adjuster lock tab away from the star wheel. Move the adjusting tool down while holding the locking tab out of the way. Back off the star wheel until the wheel turns freely without any brake drag. Install the adjusting slot cover.
  11. Repeat the procedure for the other rear wheel. Adjust the parking brake after initial rear brake adjustment is finished. Check parking brake adjustment after applying several times, insure freedom from brake drag.