Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Fusible Links


The main wiring harnesses are equipped with fusible links to protect against harness damage should a short circuit develop.

Never replace a fusible link with standard wire. Only fusible link wire of the correct gauge with hypalon insulation should be used.

When a fusible link blows, it is very important to locate and repair the short. Do not just replace the link to correct the problem.

Always disconnect negative battery cable when servicing the electrical system.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Cut off the remaining portion of the blown fusible link flush with the multiple connection insulator. Take care not to cut any of the other fusible links.
  5. Carefully remove about 1 in. (25mm) of insulation from the main harness wire at a point one inch away from the connection insulator.
  7. Remove 1 in. (25mm) of insulation from the replacement fusible link wire and wrap the exposed area around the main harness wire at the point where the insulation was removed.
  9. Heat the splice with a high temperature soldering gun and apply resin type solder until it runs freely. Remove the soldering gun and confirm that a "bright" solder joint has been made. Resolder if "cold" (dull) joint.
  11. Cut the other end of the fusible link off at a point just behind the small single wire insulator. Strip one inch of insulation from fusible link and connection wires. Wrap and solder.
  13. After the connections have cooled, wrap the splices with at least three layers of electrical tape.