Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Electric Choke Assembly


The electric choke system is a heater and switch assembly sealed within the choke housing. When the engine is running and the engine oil pressure is 4 psi (27 kPa) or above, the contacts in the oil pressure switch closes and feed current to the automatic choke system to open the choke and keep it open.

The choke assembly must never be immersed in fluid as damage to the internal switch and heater assembly will result.


  1. Disconnect the electrical lead from choke heater assembly.
  3. Connect direct battery voltage to choke heater connection.
  5. The choke valve should reach the open position within five minutes.

Operation of any type should be avoided if there is a loss of choke power. This condition causes a very rich mixture to burn and results in abnormally high exhaust system temperatures, which may cause damage to the catalytic converter or other underbody parts of the vehicle.