Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Body Lubrication


The following body parts and mechanisms should be lubricated periodically at all pivot and sliding points. Use the lubricant specified;

Engine Oil:
Door Hinges at pin and pivot contact area.
Liftgate Hinges
Sliding Door at center hinge pivot.

White Spray Lube:
Hood Hinge cam and slide
Lock cylinders
Parking Brake Mechanisms
Window Regulator: remove trim panel
Liftgate Latches
Liftgate Prop Pivots
Ash Tray Slide

Multi-purpose Lubricant (Water Resistant):
Door Latch, Lock control Linkage and Remote Control Mechanism (trim panel must be removed)
Latch Plate and Bolt

Multi-purpose Grease, NLGI Grade 2:
Sliding Door: lower, center and upper tracks. Open position striker spring.
Fuel Tank Door