Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Lower Control Arm



See Figures 1 and 2

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Fig. Fig. 1: Lower ball control arm installation-1984-90 models

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Fig. Fig. 2: Lower ball control arm installation-1991-95 models

  1. Raise the vehicle and support it with jackstands.
  3. Remove the front inner pivot through bolt, the rear stub strut nut, retainer and bushing, and the ball joint-to-steering knuckle clamp bolts.
  5. Separate the ball joint stud from the steering knuckle by prying between the ball stud retainer on the knuckle and the lower control arm.

Pulling the steering knuckle out from the vehicle after releasing it from the ball joint can separate the inner CV-joint.

  1. Remove the sway bar-to-control arm nut and reinforcement, then rotate the control arm over the sway bar. Remove the rear stub strut bushing, sleeve and retainer. Remove the control arm.

To install:

The substitution of fasteners other than those of the grade originally used is not recommended.

  1. Install the retainer, bushing and sleeve on the stub strut.
  3. Position the control arm over the sway bar, then install the rear stub strut and front pivot into the crossmember.
  5. Install the front pivot bolt and loosely install the nut.
  7. Install the stub strut bushing retainer, then loosely assemble the nut.
  9. Position the sway bar bracket and stud through the control arm, then install the retainer nut. Tighten the nuts to 25 ft. lbs. (34 Nm) on 1984-1989 models, or to 50 ft. lbs. (68 Nm) on 1990-95 models.
  11. Install the ball joint stud into the steering knuckle and install the clamp bolt. Tighten the clamp bolt to 70 ft. lbs. (95 Nm) on 1984-89 models or to 105 ft. lbs. (143 Nm) on 1990-95 models.
  13. Lower the vehicle, so the weight is on the wheels, then tighten the front pivot bolt to 105 ft. lbs. (143 Nm) on 1984--89 models or to 125 ft. lbs. (170 Nm) on 1990-95 models. Tighten the rear stub strut nut to 70 ft. lbs. (95 Nm).