Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Service Precautions


This system is a sensitive, complex electromechanical unit. Before attempting to diagnose, remove or install the air bag system components, you must first disconnect and isolate the negative (ground) battery cable. Failure to do so could result in accidental deployment and possible personal injury.

When an undeployed air bag assembly is to be removed from the steering wheel, disconnect battery ground cable and isolate. Allow system capacitor to discharge for two (2) minutes, then begin air bag system component removal.

If the Air Bag Module Assembly is defective and non-deployed, refer to Chrysler Motors current return list for proper handling procedures.

Replace air bag system components with Chrysler Mopar specified replacement parts. Substitute parts may visually appear interchangeable, but internal differences may result in inferior occupant protection.

The fasteners, screws, and bolts, originally used for the air bag components, have special coatings and are specifically designed for the air bag system. They must never be replaced with any substitutes. Anytime a new fastener is needed, replace with the correct fasteners provided in the service package or fasteners listed in the Chrysler parts books.