Chrysler Caravan/Voyager/Town n Country 1984-1995

Spark Plug Wires


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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the plug wires from the distributor cap

Check the spark plug wire connections at the coil, distributor cap towers, and at the spark plugs. Be sure they are fully seated, and the boot covers are not cracked or split. Clean the cables with a cloth and a non-flammable solvent. Check for brittle or cracked insulation, replace wires as necessary. If a wire is suspected of failure, test it with an ohmmeter.

Wire length can be used to determine appropriate resistance values:

0-15 in.-3000-10,000&omega
15-25 in.-4000-15,000&omega
25-35 in.-6000-20,000&omega
Wire over 35 in.-6000-25,000&omega

Any wire with a resistance in excess of 30,000 ohms should be considered bad and replaced regardless of length.

  1. Remove the plug wire from the spark plug. Twist the boot and pull. Never apply pressure to the wire itself.

The 3.3L and 3.8L engines are equipped with a distributorless electronic ignition system. The plug wires run directly from the coil pack to the spark plugs.

  1. Remove the distributor cap from the distributor with all wires attached.

Do not pull plug wires from the distributor cap, they must first be released from inside of cap.

  1. Connect an ohmmeter between the spark plug terminal, and the corresponding electrode inside the distributor cap. Resistance should be within limits of the resistance figures listed earlier. If resistance is not within specs, remove the wire from the distributor cap and retest. If still not within specs, replace the wire.
  3. Install the new wire into the cap tower, then squeeze the wire nipple to release any trapped air between the cap tower and nipple.
  5. Push firmly to properly seat wire electrode into the cap.
  7. Install the plug end of the wire onto the plug until it snaps into place.

Do not allowed plug wires to contact exhaust manifold or any moving parts.