Chrysler Cirrus/Stratus/Sebring/Avenger/Breeze 1995-1998



Older brake pads or shoes may contain asbestos, which has been determined to be cancer causing agent. Never clean the brake surface with compressed air! Avoid inhaling any dust from any brake surface! When cleaning brake surfaces, use a commercially available brake cleaning fluid.

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Cirrus, Stratus and Breeze models are equipped with a 2 shoe (leading/trailing), internal expanding type of rear drum brakes with automatic self-adjuster mechanisms. The automatic self-adjuster mechanisms used on these vehicles are new designs and function differently than the screw type adjusters used in the past. These new self-adjusters are still actuated each time the vehicle's service brakes are applied. The new adjusters are located directly below the wheel cylinders.

The Sebring coupe, convertible and Avenger models are equipped with a rear wheel, 2 shoe (leading/trailing) internally expanding type of drum brakes with an automatic self-adjuster mechanism. The automatic self-adjuster mechanism used on these vehicles is the screw type adjuster. The self-adjuster mechanism is actuated each time the vehicle-s service brakes are applied. Generally, drum brakes with a self-adjusting mechanism do not require manual brake shoe adjustment. Although, in the event that the brake shoes are replaced, it is advisable to make the initial adjustment manually to speed up the initial adjustment time. The initial adjustment procedure must be done prior to driving the vehicle.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Drum Brake Components