Chrysler Cirrus/Stratus/Sebring/Avenger/Breeze 1995-1998

Powertrain Control Module



The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is a digital computer containing a microprocessor. The PCM recieves input signals from various switches and sensors that are referred to as PCM inputs. Based on these inputs, the PCM adjusts various engine and vehicle operations through devices that are referred to as PCM outputs.

Based on inputs it receives, the PCM adjusts fuel injector pulse width, idle speed, ignition spark advance, ignition coil dwell and EVAP canister purge operation. The PCM regulates the cooling fan, air conditioning and speed control systems. The PCM changes the alternator charge rate by adjusting the alternator field. The PCM also performs diagnostic functions.

To prevent the possibility of permanent control module damage, the ignition switch MUST always be OFF when disconnecting power from or reconnecting power to the module. This includes unplugging the module connector, disconnecting the negative battery cable, removing the module fuse or even attempting to jump start your dead battery using jumper cables.


See Figures 1 and 2

The PCM is located in the left side of the engine compartment, beside the Power Distribution Center (PDC).

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. On Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring convertible and Breeze models, disconnect the negative battery cable from the auxiliary jumper terminal.
  3. Disengage the two 40-way connectors from the PCM.
  5. Remove the fasteners that secure the PCM to the mounting bracket.
  7. Lift up the PCM and remove it from the vehicle.

To install:
  1. Position the PCM in the vehicle, then install the mounting fasteners and tighten to 35 inch lbs. (4 Nm).
  3. Attach the two 40-way connectors to the PCM.
  5. Connect the negative battery cable.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Location of the PCM on the Cirrus, Stratus, Sebring convertible and Breeze models

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Fig. Fig. 2: Location of the PCM on the Sebring coupe and Avenger models