Chrysler Cirrus/Stratus/Sebring/Avenger/Breeze 1995-1998



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The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is stamped on a metal plate located on the top left-hand side (driver's side) of the instrument panel, so that it can be seen by looking through the lower corner of the windshield. The VIN is made up of 17 digits in a combination of numbers and letters that contain specific information regarding the vehicle:

The 1st digit represents the country of manufacture: 1 or 4-USA., 3-Mexico.
The 2nd digit will be the letter B, C or P, which represents the make of the vehicle: Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth, respectively.
The 3rd digit represents vehicle type; this is a 3 and means passenger vehicle.
The 4th digit represents the safety restraint features with which that particular car was produced: A-passive restraint seat belts with a driver's side air bag (except Avenger and Sebring coupe), or driver's and passenger's side air bags (Avenger and Sebring coupe); H-active restraint seat belts with driver's and passenger's side air bags; X-driver's side air bag with passenger manual seat belts; E-active driver's and passenger's side air bags.
The 5th digit represents the particular line of vehicle: J-Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze; L-Sebring convertible; U-Avenger/Sebring coupe.
The 6th digit represents the vehicle series: 4-High Line; 5-Premium; 6-Sport.
The 7th digit represents the body style of the vehicle: 6-4-door Sedan; 5-Convertible; 2-Coupe.
The 8th digit indicates with what engine the vehicle is equipped: C-2.0L 4 cyl. 16V SOHC engine with MFI; Y-2.0L 4 cyl. 16V DOHC engine with MFI; H or N-2.5L V6 24V SOHC engine with MFI; X-2.4L 4 cyl. 16V DOHC engine with MFI.
The 9th digit is a check digit for all vehicles.
The 10th digit indicates the model year: S for 1995; T for 1996; V for 1997; W for 1998.
The 11th digit represents the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was assembled: N-Sterling Heights, Michigan; T-Toluca; E-DSM/Mitsubishi of America plant.
The 12th through 17th digits indicate the production sequence number.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Location of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) code plate at the left side of the instrument panel

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Fig. Fig. 2: Vehical Identification Chart