Chrysler Colt/Vista 1990-1993 Repair Information



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Fig. Fig. 1: Jacking and lifting points for the colt hatchback and sedan

The vehicle is supplied with a scissors jack for emergency road repairs. The scissors jack may be used to raise the car via the notches on either side at the front and rear of the doors. Do not attempt to use the jack in any other places. Always block the diagonally opposite wheel when using a jack. When using a garage jack, support the car at the center of the front suspension member or at the differential carrier. Block both wheels at the opposite end of the car.

When using stands, use the side members at the front and the differential or trailing axle front mounting crossmember at the back for placement points.Whenever you plan to work under the car, you must support it on jackstands or ramps. Never use cinder blocks or stacks of wood to support the car, even if you're only going to be under it for a few minutes. Never crawl under the car when it is supported only by the tire-changing jack.

Small hydraulic, screw, or scissors jacks are satisfactory for raising the car. Drive-on trestles or ramps are also a handy and safe way to both raise and support the car. These can be bought or constructed from wood or steel. Never support the car on any suspension member or underbody panel.