Chrysler Colt/Vista 1990-1993 Repair Information

Brake Disc



  1. Remove the rear brake caliper and mount (brake assembly) following procedures given previously in this Section, but without disconnecting the hydraulic line. Suspend the assembly with wire; do not allow the unit to hang by the brake line.
  3. Remove the hub cap, cotter pin, lock cap, nut, thrust washer, and outer bearing. Remove the disc from the hub.
  5. If necessary, repack the wheel bearings with multipurpose grease.
  7. Install the bearings and disc, thrust washer, and nut. Tighten the nut to 14 ft. lbs. (19 Nm). Loosen the nut until there is no torque on it and retighten it to 5.5 Nm or 4 ft. lbs. (48 INCH lbs).
  9. Install the lock cap and a new cotter pin. If the lock cap castellations do not align with the cotter pin hole, reposition the cap. If necessary, back off the bearing retaining nut by as much as 15°. Install a new cotter pin.

NOTE:15° is not a large rotation. For reference, it is1/2the angle between 12 and 1 on a clock face.

  1. Install the hub cap.
  3. Install the brake caliper and mount, following procedures given in this Section.


Brake discs should be inspected for thickness at a number of spots around the braking surface with a micrometer. If the thickness is less than the minimum (refer to the Brake Specifications Chart) AT ANY POINT, the disc must be replaced. Roughness or significant grooving is also reason to replace the disc.

The disc should also be checked for runout. With the disc installed (hold it with two lug nuts if necessary), mount a dial indicator to the strut and zero it with the tip in contact with the braking surface on the disc. Rotate the disc slowly. Read the indicator; the limit for runout is 0.15mm. The disc must be replaced if runout exceeds this amount.

NOTE:The condition and adjustment of the wheel bearings can affect this reading. Before replacing the disc, check the bearings for proper adjustment and lubrication.