Chrysler Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/New Yorker/Vision 1993-1997

Transaxle Learning Procedure



The Quick Learn Procedure requires the use of a DRB scan tool and applicable scan tool cartridges. This procedure enables the electronic transaxle system to recalibrate itself. This will provide the best possible operation of the transaxle. Perform the Quick Learn Procedure after performing any of the following procedures:

Replacement of the transaxle assembly
Replacement of the Transaxle Control Module (TCM)
Replacement of the solenoid pack
Replacement of the seal and/or clutch plate
Recondition or replacement of the valve body

The following conditions must be met before performing the Quick Learn Procedure:

Brakes must be applied
Engine speed must be above 500 RPM
Throttle angle (TPS) must be below 3 degrees
Position of shift lever must stay until requested to shift to overdrive
Position of shift lever must remain in overdrive after the "Shift to Overdrive'' request, until the DRB indicates that the procedure is complete
The calculated oil temperature must be in the 65°-130°F (18°-54°C) range for 1993-95 vehicles or over 65°F (18°C) and under 200°F (93°C) for 1996-97 vehicles. If out of this temperature range, the TCM may learn incorrect values.

The following conditions must be met to prevent the procedure from being aborted:

  1. Install the DRB scan tool into the blue Chrysler Collision Detection (CCD) Bus connector which is located under the instrument 0panel on the driver side of the vehicle.
  3. On 1993-95 vehicles, install the 1993 DRB scan tool cartridge into the DRB scan tool. On 1996 vehicles install the 1996 DRB scan tool cartridge into the DRB scan tool.
  5. The red and green lights on the scan tool will light up and then begin to flash. Do not continue with this procedure until the lights stop flashing.
  7. Depress key No. 4 on the scan tool key pad. Item No. 4 will not appear on the scan tool screen unless you scroll down. Scrolling down is not necessary to choose item No. 4.
  9. Depress key No. 2 on the scan tool key pad (Transaxle).
  11. Depress key No. 1 on the key pad. Before continuing, the scan tool must perform the following:

    Bus Test
    Controller Part Number

  13. Depress key No. 5 on the key pad (Adjustments).
  15. Depress key No. 1 on the key pad (Quick Learn).
  17. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen of the DRB scan tool.