Chrysler Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/New Yorker/Vision 1993-1997

Camshaft Bearings


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Fig. Fig. 1: Install the proper size adapters and horseshoe washers (part of C-3132-A) at the back of each bearing shell, then drive them out

Only the 3.3L engines have removable camshaft bearings. On the 3.5L engines, the camshafts rest in camshaft journals which are machined in the cylinder head. If the camshaft journal surfaces on these heads are damaged in any way, the cylinder heads will either have to be machined by a professional automotive machine shop or will have to be replaced with a new cylinder head.


This procedure is recommended with the engine removed from the vehicle and completely disassembled before removing the camshaft bearings. If the engine is not completely disassembled, there is a risk of a camshaft bearing falling into the oil pan, necessitating the removal of the oil pan or other related parts. It is possible, however, to remove the camshaft bearings with the piston and crankshaft assemblies still in the engine.

To replace the camshaft bearings with new ones, it will be necessary to have Tool C-3132-A or a similar camshaft bearing removal and installation tool.

  1. The camshaft, cylinder heads, intake manifold, oil pan and exhaust manifolds must be removed before this procedure can be accomplished. It is, however, recommended that the entire engine be removed from the vehicle, then disassembled.
  3. Drive out the rear cam bearing core hole plug as follows:
    1. Using a blunt tool, such as a drift, and a hammer, strike the bottom edge of the cup plug. With the cup plug rotated, grasp firmly with the pliers or other suitable tool and pull the plug out of the hole.


Do not drive the cup plug into the casting as restricted cooling can result and cause serious engine problems.

  1. Install the proper size adapters and horseshoe washers at the back of each bearing shell to be removed. Drive the bearing shell out of their bosses with a rubber or plastic mallet.

To install:
  1. Install the new camshaft bearings with the Tool C-3132-A (or equivalent) by sliding the new camshaft bearing shell over the proper adapter. Refer to the instructions which come with the tool.
  3. Position the rear bearing in the tool. Install the horseshoe lock and by reversing the removal procedure, carefully drive the bearing shell into place.
  5. Install the remaining bearings in the same manner. Bearings must be carefully aligned to bring the oil holes into full register with the oil passages from the main bearing. The number two bearing must index with the oil passage to the left cylinder head and number three bearing must index with the oil passage to the right cylinder head. If the camshaft bearing shell oil holes are not in exact alignment, remove and reinstall them correctly. Install a new core hole plug at the rear of the camshaft as follows:
    1. Thoroughly clean the inside of the camshaft plug hole. Be sure to remove the old sealer.
    3. Lightly coat the inside of the camshaft plug hole with Loctite Stud N' Bearing Mount® or the equivalent.
    5. Make certain the new plug is cleaned of all oil or grease.
    7. Using the proper drive plug, drive the plug into the hole with a socket or similar tool so that the sharp edge of the plug is at least 0.020 inch (0.5mm) inside the lead-in chamfer.
    9. It is not necessary to wait for the sealant to cure. The engine can be assembled and placed in service immediately.

  7. Assemble the engine and install it in the vehicle, if removed.