Chrysler Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/New Yorker/Vision 1993-1997

Body Lubrication and Maintenance


Body hinges and latches should be lubricated, as necessary, to maintain smooth operation of doors and front and rear hoods. Wipe all parts with a clean rag prior to lubrication. Pay particular attention to the smooth operation of hood latch components as failure to operate can produce a safety hazard; inspect and lubricate these with great care. If any problems appear, have them corrected immediately. Lubricate each part with the specified grease:

Door hinge pin, hood and trunk hinges-Engine oil.
Door check strap, hood hinge cam and slide, parking brake mechanism, trunk latches and prop pivots, ashtray receiver, fuel door hinge-Mopar Spray White Lube 4318066 or equivalent.
Hood latch, release mechanism, and safety catch (apply sparingly to all contact areas)-Multipurpose lubricant NLGI Grade 2.
External lock cylinders-Mopar lock cylinder lubricant 4318084 or equivalent

Besides the lubrication and maintenance of the mechanical parts of your vehicle, the interior and exterior should be kept in good condition. The last that you want to see on your car is a cracked dash from lack of vinal moisture; or corrosion in the body panels from the lack of cleanliness (salt, dirt ect.).

Chemicals that make the roads passable in the snow can harm the exterior paint on your car. Parking your vehicle outside, to the airborne contaminates, hot and cold weather with extreme conditions will have an adverse effect on the paint, metal trim, and underbody protection. Stone and gravel impact, insects, tar, tree sap are a few of these harmful conditions. Washing your vehicle regularly is advised. Always wash it in the shade using a mild wash soap, then rinse the panels completely with clear water. If your drive on salted or dusty roads or if your near the ocean it is advised you wash the undercarriage monthly to keep the vehicle from rusting at a much faster rate than usual.

If you notice any paint chips or scratches on your vehicle, touch them up with the exact color paint found at your local dealer immediately. This will ensure that the vehicle will not begin rusting.

Aluminum wheels would be cleaned regularly with a mild soap and water to prevent corrosion. Do not use a scouring pad or metal polish.

Glass surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis with any commercial house-hold type glass cleaner. Never use an abrasive type cleaner. Be careful of the rear defoggers; you do not scrape them while cleaning.