Chrysler Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/New Yorker/Vision 1993-1997

Steering Column



The Saginaw steering column has been designed to be serviced as an assembly, less wiring, switches, shifter assembly ignition park interlock, shrouds and steering wheel. Note that most steering column components can be serviced without removing the steering column from the vehicle. If the vehicle is equipped with a floor shifter and center console, the center console will have to be removed before proceeding with the steering column removal.

  1. Straighten the front wheels the position the steering wheel upside down and lock steering column. This is to ensure that no damage occurs to the air bag clock spring electrical connector assembly when the steering column is removed from the vehicle. If the steering column is not locked prior to its removal, damage to the clockspring assembly will occur.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable and isolate the cable from the battery by wrapping the cable end with quality electrical tape. Disable the air bag system.
  5. Remove the speed control switches from the side of the steering wheel. If the vehicle is not equipped with speed control, remove the side covers from the steering wheel.
  7. Remove the two screws that attach air bag to the steering wheel, disconnect the wiring and remove the air bag assembly.

  1. Remove the steering wheel retaining nut and the steering wheel using a steering wheel puller tool. Do not strike the steering column shaft to remove the steering wheel.
  3. Remove the instrument panel left and right end covers.
  5. Remove the two air bag fuses from fuse panel.
  7. Remove the trim panels from the left and right lower cowl area.
  9. Remove the ash tray and lower knee bolster panel.
  11. Remove the center instrument panel cover.
  13. Remove the radio and heater/AC control assemblies from the dash.
  15. Remove the center upper air outlet assembly. Outlet bezel is removed by prying right side of air duct from dash panel first. If equipped with traction control, remove the switch.
  17. Remove the lower knee bolster panel from the upper instrument panel and disconnect wiring from lighter.
  19. Remove the two ash tray receiver mounting screws and remove the receiver.
  21. Open glove box door and pushing sides to allow glove door to fully open, remove six bolster panel mounting screws.
  23. Carefully remove the complete lower dash panel. Be sure to disconnect wiring and remove from passengers side of vehicle.
  25. Remove the two under steering column heat and A/C ducts.
  27. Tilt the steering column to the full up position and remove the 3 shroud-to-shroud attaching screws.
  29. Tilt steering column to the full down position. Remove the upper shroud.
  31. Tilt steering column to the full up position. Remove the tilt lever and the three mounting screws to the lower shroud and remove the shroud.
  33. If equipped with column shifter, remove the shift cable assembly by prying shift cable from attaching pin. Disconnect the cable retaining clip and remove the cable.

  1. If equipped with floor shifter, turn the ignition key to the run position and depress tab to remove the floor shifter interlock cable from steering column socket.
  3. Remove the steering column coupler bolt pin and bolt. Loosen but do not remove the two bolts that attach steering column to bracket