Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 4-CYL 1981-1995 Repair Information

Pulse Air Feeder System



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Fig. Fig. 1: Schematic view of the pulse air feeder system used on Canadian 2.6L engines

This system is used only 2.6L engines.

Pulse Air Feeder (PAF) is used for supplying secondary air into the exhaust system between the front and rear catalytic converters, for the purpose of promoting oxidation of exhaust emissions in the rear converter.

The PAF consists of a main reed valve and a sub reed valve. The main reed valve is actuated in response to movement of a diaphragm, which is activated by pressure generated when the piston is in the compression stroke. The sub reed valve is opened on the exhaust stroke.


To inspect the system, remove the hose connected to the air cleaner and check for vacuum, with the engine running. If vacuum is not present, check the lines for leaks and evidence of oil leaks. Periodic maintenance of this system is not required.