Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 4-CYL 1981-1995 Repair Information

Body Lubrication and Maintenance


Body hinges and latches should be lubricated, as necessary, to maintain smooth operation of doors and front and rear hoods. Wipe all parts with a clean rag prior to lubrication. Pay particular attention to the smooth operation of hood latch components as failure to operate can produce a safety hazard; inspect and lubricate these with great care. If any problems appear, have them corrected immediately. Lubricate each part with the specified grease:

Door hinges-Engine oil.
Door latches, rotors, and strikers-Wheel bearing grease.
Hood latch, release mechanism, and safety catch (apply sparingly to all contact areas)-Multipurpose lubricant NLGI Grade 2.
Hood hinges and counterbalance springs-Mopar Multi-mileage Lubricant 4318062 or equivalent.
Seat regulator and track adjusters-Mopar Spray White Lube 4318066 or equivalent.
Tailgate (all pivot and slide contact surfaces on hinges, quick release pins, and release handles)-Spray White Lube.
Tailgate check arms-Engine oil.