Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 4-CYL 1981-1995 Repair Information

Inside Rear View Mirror



The mirror is mechanically attached to the mirror button, and if it should become cracked or develop a a mechanical problem which prevents easy adjustment, it can be replaced very simply by disconnecting it from the button. The button, in turn, serves to mount the mirror to the windshield. If it should be damaged or the adhesive bond should become partly broken, it can be removed and replaced after the mirror is detached. Note that removal of the button and/or remaining adhesive requires the use of a controllable electric heat gun. Also needed, if the button must be replaced, are a rag soaked in alcohol, ordinary kitchen cleanser, and fine-grit sandpaper. The new button is installed using a special adhesive kit 4054099 or an equivalent available in the aftermarket.

  1. Loosen the setscrew with a standard screwdriver until all tension is removed. Slide the base of the mirror upward and off the mounting button.
  3. If the mirror mounting button must be removed, first mark the location of the button on the outside of the windshield with a wax pencil. Then, apply low heat with the electric heat gun to soften the vinyl. When it is soft, peel the button off the glass.
  5. Clean the surface of the windshield where the button was mounted with a rag soaked in alcohol and the cleanser. Then, wipe the surface with an alcohol soaked rag. Do not touch this area of the windshield glass!
  7. Crush the vial in the plastic housing of the accelerator in the new button kit to saturate the applicator.
  9. Remove the paper sleeve and then apply a generous amount of the accelerator to the mounting surface of the mirror button.
  11. Allow the accelerator to dry for 5 minutes; during this time, be careful not to touch the mounting surface of the button.
  13. Apply a thin film of the accelerator to the inner surface of the windshield where the button will be mounted. Allow this to dry for 1 minute.
  15. Apply one drop of the adhesive to the center of the mounting surface of the button. Then, use the bottom of the adhesive tube, distribute the adhesive evenly over the entire button bonding surface.

Precise alignment of the button is essential in the following step, as the adhesive sets up very quickly!

  1. Position the bottom edge of the button against the lower edge of the mark made earlier with the button lined up side-to-side. Then, rock the button upward until it touches the windshield over its entire surface. Press it firmly to the glass and hold it there firmly for 1 full minute.
  3. Remove the pressure, but allow 5 minutes more time for the button mounting adhesive to dry.
  5. With an alcohol-dampened cloth, remove any adhesive which may have spread beyond the mounting surface of the button.

Be careful not to over-tighten the mirror mounting screw in the following procedure, as the mirror mounting button could be distorted, destroying its bond with the windshield.

  1. Slide the mirror downward and over the mount. Tighten the screw gently!