Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 4-CYL 1981-1995 Repair Information



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Fig. Fig. 1: The manual transaxle main component and identification label locations-A-523 transaxle shown

The Transaxle Identification Number is stamped on a boss located on the upper part of the transaxle housing. Every transaxle also carries an assembly part number, which is also required for parts ordering purposes.

On manual transaxle A-460, this number is located on a metal tag attached to the steel end cover of the transaxle. On the A-465 and A-525 the tag is located on the differential cover. On the A-520, A-523, A-555 and A-568, the tag is attached to the top of the transaxle.

The transaxle model, assembly number, build date and final drive ratio are stamped on a tag that is attached to the transaxle. Certain transaxle assemblies utilize high-strength steel in various gears to provide adequate life in heavy duty applications. The correct transaxle assembly number must be used when ordering service parts.