Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 4-CYL 1981-1995 Repair Information



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Fig. Fig. 1: The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate is mounted to the upper left-hand corner of the instrument panel

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Fig. Fig. 2: The metal VIN tag is located on the upper driver's side of the dash panel

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Fig. Fig. 3: The VIN can also be found on other ID tags and labels, including this plate in the engine bay

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is located on a plate on the top left side of the instrument panel and is visible through the windshield. The VIN consists of 17 characters in a combination of letters and numbers that provide specific information about the vehicle. The VIN code can be broken down as follows:

Digit 1-Country of manufacture (1=United States, 2=Canada, 3=Mexico)
Digit 2-Make of vehicle (B=Dodge, C=Chrysler, E=Eagle, P=Plymouth)
Digit 3-Type of vehicle (3=Passenger car)
Digit 4-Passenger safety system (A=Air bag, B=Manual seat belts, C=Automaic seat belts, E=Active restraint and passenger air bag, X=Driver's side air bag and passenger's side manual seat belts, Y=Driver's side air bag and passenger's side automatic seat belts
Digit 5-Body class designation (Refer to model identification earlier in this section for more details)
Digit 6-Vehicle series (1=Economy, 2=Low, 4=High, 5=Premium, 6=Special/Sport, 7=Performance/Image)
Digit 7-Body style (1=2-door coupe, 4=2-door hatchback, 5=2-door convertible, 6=4-door sedan, 8=4-door hatchback)
Digit 8-Engine code (A=1987-93 2.2L SOHC MFI-turbocharged engine, B=1981-82 2.2L carbureted engine, C=1982-84 2.2L carbureted engine, D=1981-82 2.6L carbureted engine OR 1984-94 2.2L SFI engine, E=1984-88 2.2L SOHC MFI-turbocharged engine, G=1982-85 2.6L carbureted engine, H=1989 2.5L SFI Eagle Premier engine, J=1989-92 2.5L MFI-turbocharged engine, K=1986-95 2.5L SFI engine, R=1989-90 2.2L DOHC MFI-turbocharged engine, V=1993-95 2.5L Flex Fuel MFI engine, Z=1988 2.5L SFI Eagle Premier engine
Digit 9-Check digit (1 through 9, 0, or X)
Digit 10-Model Year (B=1981, C=1982, D=1983, E=1984, F=1985, G=1986, H=1987, J=1988, K=1989, L=1990, M=1991, N=1992, P=1993, R=1994, S=1995)
Digit 11-Assembly plant code
Digits 12 through 17-Sequence assembly number