Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 6-CYL 1988-1995 Repair Information

Model Differentiation


In October of 1991 Chrysler decided to change many of the main fuel injection and ignition system components on the Premier and Monaco vehicles. Therefore, the Premier and Monaco vehicles built prior to October 9, 1991 have different systems than those vehicles built after that date. Often the systems are essentially the same, however, there are also some major differences. The Premier and Monaco models built after October 1991 have basically share the same systems as the non-Premier and Monaco vehicles (when this differs, it will be noted). The systems of the early (1988-90 and early 1991) and of the late (late 1991 and all 1992) Premier and Monaco models can be identified by the following list.

The 1988-90 and early 1991 Premier and Monaco models use:

Engine Control Unit (ECU)
Ignition Control Module (ICM) and distributor
Relay cluster

The late 1991 and all 1992 models use:

SBEC II engine controller
Direct Ignition System (DIS) coil pack
Power distribution center