Chrysler Front Wheel Drive Cars 6-CYL 1988-1995 Repair Information

Manual Steering Gear



The rack and pinion manual steering units used on this car are permanently sealed. The lubricant is replenished only in connection with a major rebuild of the unit not covered by this information. The power steering gear (rack and pinion unit) should NOT be serviced or adjusted. If a malfunction or oil leak occurs, the complete steering gear should be replaced.


See Figure 1

The manual steering gear is permanently lubricated at the factory and periodic replenishment of lubricant is not needed. However, you should inspect the two rubber boots that seal between the housing and the tie rod ends when checking the engine oil and other fluid levels. Make sure there is no leakage and that the boots are intact. Have the boots replaced if necessary. Check also for leakage where the steering shaft passes into the gearbox. If any leakage is found, replace the entire rack and pinion gear assembly with a new one.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Periodically check both sides of the boots on the steering gear rack and pinion assembly