Chrysler Full-Size Trucks 1967-1988 Repair Guide



For additional information on battery maintenance and service, refer to General Information & Maintenance of this repair guide.


For this job you should use gloves and old clothes due to possibly destroying your clothes with battery acid.

  1. Disconnect the negative (ground) cable from the battery terminal, then disconnect the positive cable. Special pullers are available to remove post cable clamps, if they seem stuck.

To avoid sparks, always disconnect the ground cable first, and connect it last.

  1. Remove the battery hold-down clamp.
  3. Remove the battery, being careful not to spill the acid.

Spilled acid can be neutralized with a baking soda/water solution. If you somehow get acid into your eyes, flush it out with lots of water and get to a doctor.

To install:
  1. Clean the battery posts thoroughly before installing a new or used battery.
  3. Clean the cable clamps, using a wire brush, both inside and out.
  5. Install the battery and hold-down clamp or strap. Connect the positive, and then the negative cable (see Note above). Do not hammer post cables onto the terminal posts. The complete terminals should be given a light external coating of petroleum jelly or grease to help prevent corrosion. There are felt washers available which have been impregnated with an anti-corrosion substance. These can be slipped over the battery posts before installing the cables, and are available in most auto parts stores.

Make absolutely sure that the battery is connected properly (positive to positive, negative to negative) before you turn the ignition key. Reversed polarity can burn out your alternator and regulator in a matter of seconds.