Chrysler Full-Size Trucks 1967-1988 Repair Guide

Brake Shoes



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

Servo Type With Single Anchor

Remove the wheel and brake drum as outlined above, then proceed in the following manner:

  1. Take off the shoe return springs. Detach the adjusting cable eye from the anchor and unhook the other end from the lever. Withdraw the cable, overload spring, and anchor plate.
  3. Detach the adjusting lever from the spring and separate the spring from the pivot. Take the spring completely off from the secondary shoe web and unfasten it from the primary shoe web.
  5. Remove the retainer springs and pins from the shoe. Extract both shoes from the pushrods and lift them out. Withdraw the star wheel assembly from the shoes.

To install:
  1. Lightly lubricate the shoe tab contact area at six points on the support plate. Match both the primary and secondary brake shoes with each other.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Single anchor servo with fixed anchor pin front brake-1967 D200/W200 and D300/W300

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Fig. Fig. 2: Single anchor servo with adjustable front brakes-1967 D200/W200 and D300/W300

  1. Before installation in the truck, fit the star wheel assembly between the shoes, with the star wheel next to the secondary shoe. The star wheels are stamped with an L or R to mark their location. Spread the anchor ends of the shoes apart to keep the star wheel assembly positioned.
  3. Place the assembly on the support plate while attaching the shoe ends to the pushrods.

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Fig. Fig. 3: Front brakes on a 1974 truck

  1. Install the shoe retaining pins, springs, and retainers. Place the anchor plate over the anchor.
  3. Place the adjustment cable eye over the anchor so that it rests against the anchor plate. Attach the primary shoe return spring shoe web and fit the other end over the anchor.
  5. Place the cable guide in the secondary shoe web and fit the end over the anchor. Hold this in position while engaging the secondary shoe return spring, through the guide and into the web. Put its other end over the anchor.

See that the cable guide stays flat against the web and that the secondary shoe return spring overlaps that of the primary.

  1. Squeeze the ends of the spring loops, using pliers, until they are parallel, around the anchor.
  3. The adjustment cable should be threaded over the guide and the end of the overload spring should be hooked into the lever.

The eye of the adjuster cable must be tight against the anchor and parallel with the guide.

  1. Install the drum as detailed above. Adjust the brakes.

Bendix Duo-Servo
  1. Unhook and remove the adjusting lever return spring.
  3. Remove the lever from the lever pivot pin.
  5. Unhook the adjuster lever from the adjuster cable.
  7. Unhook the upper shoe-to-shoe spring.
  9. Unhook and remove the shoe hold-down springs.
  11. Disconnect the parking brake cable from the parking brake lever.
  13. Remove the shoes with the lower shoe-to-shoe spring and star wheel as an assembly.
  15. The pivot screw and adjusting nut on the left side have left-hand threads and right hand threads on the right side.
  17. Lubricate and assemble the star wheel assembly. Lubricate the guide pads on the support plates.
  19. Assemble the star wheel, lower shoe-to-shoe spring, and the primary and secondary shoes. Position this assembly on the support plate.
  21. Install and hook the hold-down springs.
  23. Install the upper shoe-to-shoe spring.
  25. Install the cable and retaining clip.
  27. Position the adjuster lever return spring on the pivot (green springs on left brakes and red springs on right brakes).
  29. Install the adjuster lever. Route the adjuster cable and connect it to the adjuster.
  31. Install the brake drum and adjust the brakes.