Chrysler Full-Size Trucks 1967-1988 Repair Guide



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All Dodge trucks have a transmission identification tag. This tag can identify your transmission by part number, model and build date, which are stamped on the tag. For a manual transmission an aluminum identification tag is secured by two bolts to the power take off cover. If you need to replace the cover do not discard of the tag. In other models, a blue ID tag is permanently attached to the left side of the transmission case, at the top, near the case cover.

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Fig. Fig. 1: NP2500 identification tag location

Transmission types:

New Process A-203 3-speed (1969-79)
New Process A-250 3-speed (1969-74)
New Process A-390 3-speed (1979)
New Process A-745 4-speed (1967-68)
New Process NP-420 4-speed (1967-68)
New Process NP-435 4-speed (1967-87)
New Process NP-445 4-speed (1967-78)
New Process NP-2500 5-speed (1988)
Borg-Warner T 87E 3-speed (1967-68)
A-833 "Overdrive-4'' 4-speed (1979-88)