Chrysler Full-Size Trucks 1989-1996 Repair Guide

Tone Wheel



See Figure 1

The tone wheel for each front wheel sensor is mounted to the inner rotor hub on 2WD vehicles, and on the axle outer stub shaft on 4WD vehicles.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The front tone wheel is mounted to the inner rotor hub on 2WD vehicles

The tone wheel is not a serviceable component. To replace the tone wheel on 2WD models, the complete rotor and hub assembly must be replaced. On 4WD models, the driveshaft will have to be removed and the axle outer stub shaft replaced, if the tone wheel is damaged. Please refer to the appropriate sections in this repair guide to service these components.


The rear tone wheel is more commonly called the "exciter ring'' and is an integral component of the Rear Wheel Anti-Lock (RWAL) system, as well as the all-wheel ABS system. To remove or install, it requires removal of the rear differential. For service information, please refer to Drive Train .