Chrysler Full-Size Trucks 1989-1996 Repair Guide



The fuel lines/tubes/hoses used in the vehicles covered by this information are specially constructed to accommodate the demands of the high pressure fuel injection system. Many fuel fittings are made of plastic and retained by tabs. Some are a conventional design of steel and thread into a port in the system component (such as early fuel return lines from the throttle body). The rubber fuel hoses used on the vehicles covered by this information are retained by special hose clamps designed not to cut into the casing. Only this type of clamp may be used on the fuel system hoses. Replacement lines/tubes/hoses must be marked EFM/EFI to assure they are designed to meet specifications.

If you do any work on the fuel system requiring removal and installation of lines, avoid routing the tubes/hoses with other vehicle components that could abrade or scuff them. Also, be sure the plastic fuel lines/tubes are routed so as to prevent their being pinched and keep them away from heat sources. Never attempt to repair a plastic fuel line. Always replace damaged lines.