Chrysler Full-Size Vans 1967-1988 Repair Guide

Clutch Interlock



A-250 3-Speed

This adjustment is required only on the A-250 3-Speed transmission. This is a top cover unit used only as base equipment on light duty six cylinder models. It has synchromesh only on second and third gears.

  1. Disconnect the clutch rod swivel from the interlock pawl. Adjust the clutch pedal free-play.
  3. Shift the transmission to neutral. Loosen swivel clamp bolt and slide the swivel onto the rod until the pawl is positioned fully within the slot in the first-reverse lever. Install the washers and clips.
  5. Hold the interlock pawl forward and tighten the swivel clamp bolt. The clutch pedal must be in full returned position during the adjustment.

Do not pull the clutch rod rearward to engage the swivel in the panel.

  1. Shift the transmission into first and reverse and release the clutch pedal while in either gear to check for normal clutch action. Then, shift halfway between neutral and either gear and release clutch. The interlock should hold it to within one or two inches of the floor.