Chrysler Full-Size Vans 1989-1998 Repair Guide

Circuit Breakers



The circuit breakers are located inside the fuse box, under the glove box door, or next to the fuse box on 1998 models. The circuit breakers are automatically reset when the failure corrects itself, however, that does not mean that the problem is repaired. If a circuit such as the power windows, has a window motor that is going bad, the resistance will be high and eventually the circuit breaker trips and power is shut off to the circuit. When the circuit cools down, and the circuit breaker works again, so will the windows, however the breaker will trip again when the resistance builds. Circuits that might be needed in case of an emergency or to operate the vehicle like the power door locks and power windows have circuit breakers instead of fuses. A circuit breaker is replaced exactly like a fuse.