Chrysler RAM50/D50/Arrow 1979-1993 Repair Guide




See Figures 1, 2 and 3

The consoles in These vehicles are generally easily removed. Components mounted in the console, gauges, clock, radio, etc., should be removed before the console is loosened. Removing the floor console almost always requires the removal of the manual shifter knob. Do not remove the automatic shifter handle; the console can be turned and removed over the handle.

The biggest problem in removing the console is finding all the concealed screws holding it in place. Quite often these screws are located behind an ash tray or below a cargo pocket. Proceed carefully and don't force anything loose. Quite often the screws are behind a small cap which must be popped out.

Access to the screws along the sides of the floor console will be easier if the seats are removed. The empty interior is particularly handy when removing the consoles for access to other components such as the dashboard or heater core.

After the console has been loosened all around, carefully lift it away from its mounts and check for wiring which is still connected. Disconnect it and place the wiring out of harm's way while the other work progresses. Some floor or rear consoles have the seat belts routed through slots. If it is necessary to remove the console completely, the belts must be threaded back through the holes and remain in the truck. Do NOT unbolt the seat belts to get the console out.

With the seats and the consoles removed, this is a perfect time to vacuum the interior carpets. You'll be able to reach places not usually available and you'll probably find enough loose change to make the project worthwhile. Give the console a thorough cleaning and a light coat of vinyl protectorant; again, you can now reach those impossible locations

Reinstalling the consoles requires accurate positioning. All the bolt holes must align and all the retaining screws should be started one or two turns until the console is in its final position. The screws may be tightened after the console is correctly located. Remember to recover the wires that may have been placed under the carpet or behind the dash. Connect them to their components. Reinstall the various devices which mount in the console. Check the operation of each item and test drive the car after the seats are reinstalled to check for squeaks and rattles.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Remove the floor console attaching screws, disconnect the wiring and lift up the unit

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Fig. Fig. 2: On 4WD models, the floor console is retained by four screws

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Fig. Fig. 3: The center console is mounted in the dash and retained by four screws