Chrysler RAM50/D50/Arrow 1979-1993 Repair Guide

Back-up Light Switch



The back-up light control switch is mounted into the transmission case. It is a simple push-button type switch; when the transmission is in reverse, a part of the linkage inside the case presses against the tip of the switch. This closes the circuit and brings on the back-up lights.

The switch may be unscrewed from the case after unplugging its wiring connector. The location of the switch will determine whether it is necessary to drain the transmission before removing the switch. The oil usually fills about one third to one half of the case; if the switch is mounted above this approximate line, it may be removed without draining. Those switches mounted low on the case will require the oil to be drained.

Always use the correct size wrench on the switch and avoid the use of pliers. Keep the wrench straight on the flats when turning; the aluminum alloy transmission case may be damaged or stripped by careless removal. When reinstalling, tighten the switch to 22-25 ft. lbs. (30-35 Nm).