Chrysler RAM50/D50/Arrow 1979-1993 Repair Guide

Extension Housing Seal



  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
  3. Raise and safely support the vehicle on jackstands.
  5. Drain the transmission fluid into a large container-refer to General Information And Maintenance for fluid draining and refilling procedures. This would be a good time to change the transmission fluid filter on automatic transmissions.
  7. Matchmark the driveshaft (matchmark both on 4WD vehicles).
  9. Remove the end of the driveshaft not attached to the transmission, then pull the driveshaft out of the transmission (also transfer case on 4WD).
  11. Remove the dust seal guard (if so equipped), then pry the oil seal out of the extension housing or transfer case with a seal remover or prytool. Be careful not to scratch or gouge the sealing surface on the inside of the transmission.
  13. When installing the oil seal, apply transmission fluid to the lip of the oil seal. Install the new seal with the lip toward the front of the housing (facing into the transmission). Use either a large socket the same size as the seal or a flat piece of clean wood and tap the seal into the seal boss. Use a plastic or rubber mallet and do not hit the seal too hard, damage could result to the transmission and to the seal. Seat the seal until the seal is flush with the transmission seal boss.
  15. Tap the dust guard back onto the transmission extension.
  17. Slide the driveshafts back into the transmission and transfer case so that the matchmarks line up, then attach the other ends to the differential units or center link.
  19. Fill the transmission fluid as per General Information And Maintenance in this guide.
  21. Make certain everything is in place and tightened securely, then lower the vehicle.
  23. Connect the negative battery cable back to the battery.
  25. Start the vehicle and allow it to warm up. Check for any transmission fluid leaks from the fluid drain or fill holes and from the oil seals.