Commander 2006-2007

Clockspring (Coil)



  1. Place the front wheels in the straight-ahead position.
  3. Remove the Steering Control Module (SCM) from the steering column.
  5. Hold the SCM in one hand so that it is oriented as it would be when it is installed on the steering column.
  7. Use your other hand to rotate the clockspring rotor counterclockwise to the end of its travel. Do not apply excessive torque.
  9. From the end of the counterclockwise travel, rotate the rotor about three turns clockwise. Turn the rotor slightly clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary so that the clockspring airbag pigtail wires and connector receptacles are at the top and the holes for the clockspring locking pin are in alignment.
  11. The clockspring is now centered. Secure the clockspring rotor to the SCM case to maintain clockspring centering until the SCM is reinstalled on the steering column.
  13. The front wheels should still be in the straight-ahead position. Reinstall the SCM onto the steering column

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    Fig. The steering control module (SCM) (2) must be removed to install the clockspring (1). Do not remove the locking pin (3) until the SCM is installed on the steering column.