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Commander 2006-2007

Bleeding the ABS System


ABS system bleeding requires conventional bleeding methods plus use of the DRB scan tool. The procedure involves performing a base brake bleeding, followed by use of the scan tool to cycle and bleed the HCU pump and solenoids. A second base brake bleeding procedure is then required to remove any air remaining in the system.

  1. Perform the manual or pressure brake bleeding procedure.
  3. Connect a scan tool to the Data Link Connector (DLC).
  5. Select ANTI-LOCK BRAKES, followed by MISCELLANEOUS, then ABS BRAKES. Follow the instructions that are displayed. When scan tool displays TEST COMPLETE, disconnect scan tool and proceed.
  7. Perform the manual or pressure brake bleeding procedure a second time.
  9. Top off master cylinder fluid level and verify proper brake operation before moving vehicle.