Commander 2006-2007

Oil Pump



In the event the oil pump is not functioning or out of specification it must be replaced as an assembly.

  1. Remove the pump cover.
  3. Clean all parts thoroughly. Mating surface of the oil pump housing should be smooth. If the pump cover is scratched or grooved the oil pump assembly should be replaced.
  5. Slide the outer rotor into the body of the oil pump. Press the outer rotor to one side of the oil pump body and measure clearance between the outer rotor and the body. If the measurement is 0.235mm (0.009 in.) or more the oil pump assembly must be replaced.
  7. Install the inner rotor in the into the oil pump body. Measure the clearance between the inner and outer rotors. If the clearance between the rotors is .150 mm (0.006 in.) or more the oil pump assembly must be replaced.
  9. Place a straight edge across the body of the oil pump (between the bolt holes), if a feeler gauge of .095 mm (0.0038 in.) or greater can be inserted between the straightedge and the rotors, the pump must be replaced.
  11. Reinstall the pump cover. Torque the fasteners to 132 inch lbs. (15 Nm).

Removal & Installation

3.7L & 4.7L Engines
  1. Remove the oil pan.
  3. Remove the timing chain cover.
  5. Remove the timing chains and tensioners.
  7. Remove the four bolts, primary chain tensioner and the oil pump.

To install:

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Fig. Oil pump & primary chain tensioner bolt torque sequence-3.7L & 4.7L Engines

  1. Position the oil pump onto the crankshaft and install one oil pump retaining bolts.
  3. Position the primary timing chain tensioner and install three retaining bolts.