Commander 2006-2007

Tire Pressure Monitor



The use of tire sealants is not recommended for vehicles equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitoring system. Tire sealants may clog tire pressure sensors.

After inspecting or adjusting the tire pressure always reinstall the valve stem cap. This will prevent moisture and dirt from entering the valve stem, which could damage the Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor.

Tire pressure sensor valve stem caps and cores are specially designed for the sensors. Due to risk of corrosion, do not use a standard valve stem cap or core in a tire pressure sensor in place of the original equipment style sensor cap and core.

It is not recommended to install a tire pressure sensor in an aftermarket wheel. Use tire pressure sensors in original style factory wheels only.

Any time a sensor is to be reinstalled in a wheel, a new seal, cap and valve core must be installed on the stem to ensure air tight sealing.

TPM thresholds have been established for the original tire size equipped on the vehicle. Use original size tires only to maintain system accuracy.


The serviceable components of the tire pressure sensor are:

Sensor-To-Wheel Seal
Valve Stem Cap
Valve Stem Core
Valve Stem Nut

Any time a sensor is installed on a wheel, a new Sensor-To-Wheel Seal must be installed to ensure proper sealing.

The valve stem caps and cores used are specifically designed for the tire pressure monitoring sensors. Although similar to standard valve stem caps and cores, they are different. The valve stem cap has a special seal inside to keep moisture and corrosion out. The valve stem core has a special nickel coating to protect from corrosion.

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Fig. Tire pressure monitor serviceable components